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Released on April 3rd 2010, iPad 1 marked the milestone of electronic device. Although the idea was first brought up by Apple during early years of 2000, the production of first iPad did not finish until 2010 due to limitation in technology in the early time. 


As one of the greatest works of Steve Jobs, the launch of iPad 1 broke the boundary between mobile phone and personal computer. With 9.7-inch screen, 680g light weight, Apple’s A4 processing chip, 10-hour battery life, by then people could not have imagined how significantly this then-called “giant phone” would change the way people use mobile and computer devices. The giant screen and the Apple logo on the back have been continuously used till now. 


Now 12 years have passed, what can we do with this iPad 1?  As master of disassembling, we turned it into a revolutionary art piece. What can be a better home décor? 





(Note: There's a possibility that used devices may have scratches on the surface or slightly broken screen. The selection of used device is completely random)


The size of the frame is 2 frames (12in x 15in x 2in each)

Disassembled iPad 1st Gen Art With Frame

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exkl. MwSt.

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