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Introducing our newly launched distinctive disassembled Nokia Lumia 520 frame art, a fusion of technology and artistry.

Born in 2013, the Nokia Lumia 520 represents a milestone in the smartphone industry, bringing Windows Phone accessibility to users around the world. Now, we've transformed this iconic device into a captivating piece of wall art. Each frame meticulously showcases the disassembled components of the Lumia 520, preserving the sleek design and innovation that made it a popular choice. 

The carefully arranged buttons, vibrant display, and distinctive casing are thoughtfully arranged to bring the essence of the Lumia 520 to life. Professionally mounted and framed, this artwork seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with the nostalgia of Nokia's iconic smartphone era. 

Perfect for tech enthusiasts and collectors alike, our disassembled Nokia Lumia 520 frame art is a unique statement piece for any space.

Disassembled Nokia Lumia 520 Frame Art

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