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As a device that redefined how people listen to music, iPod was a very important product that Apple developed. It was once Apple’s star product that kept the brand competitive in the industry. You can even call iPod as the predecessor of iPhone, given the fact that iPhone was named after “iPod” & “phone”. Even the current App Store was once evolved from the music store.

Announced on July 19 2004, the fourth-generation iPod replaced the touch wheel from the third-generation iPod with the Click Wheel. Using more energy-efficient components, the device had a 12-hour battery life.

What can we do with such revolutionary device? Yes, we disassembled it, and put it in an art frame, once again. How to prove that you are a real Apple fan? Hang this frame art on your wall, and that explains everything.

Disassembled iPod Classic 4th generation Wall Art

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